Emotional Intelligence – 01. – The connection to your gut

10 EQ dimensions  – a series on 10 of the aspects of your emotional intelligence


 01.  The connection to your gut

The first dimension of emotional intelligence is the connection with the stomach. From the systemic point of view, the human being is wonderfully complex.

Different systems (nervous, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, etc.) are so related to each other that an event occurring in a system will inevitably affect the others. It is therefore not surprising that certain expressions have emerged in popular language:


“This guy … I do not feel him.”

“I know, at first glance everything is fine, but if that were the case, my heart would not beat wildly. There is something that escapes me. “

“I favor this decision, but a lump in my stomach tells me to wait.”

“This counselor tells me nothing worthwhile. I can not digest him. “

Stomach speaking, it seems there is a strong link between this one and the oldest part of the brain. So what your stomach tells you often comes from this part of your brain that thinks, not logically, but by using intuition, to feeling and to a global vision of events.

This dimension goes beyond the simple fact that your body can communicate you discomfort. It involves both the ability to get in touch with its emotions, the ability to confuse the emotions felt and the ability to discover what caused these emotions.
GirlHas it happened that you took a decision despite what your body or your intuition was telling you? If so, remember what you have decided, what your body was telling you and what happened afterwards. It is possible that you have made the right decision and it is also possible that the latter has proved to be a mistake.

Your body speaks to you. Do you listen to it? Remember all those times you guessed what was coming. This does not make you a soothsayer. This simply indicates that you are connected to your body.