About i Keep Thinking

iKT – iKeepThinking.com – is inspired by the idea that any subject / issue / matter can be viewed from several perspectives. As there is no absolute truth, that everything is relative to one’s perspective and, in this regard, everything is worthy of being observed, analyzed, put in different perspectives. This way, iKT promotes thinking before action, an open mind, multiple views on the same issues, exploring topics that offers food for thought. iKT – iKeepThinking.com – invites YOU to join the conversations, to share your thoughts or to add your perspective to any subject.
All in a respectful way of one another and with consideration of the other’s perspective when a point of disagreement arises. We wont pretend that we know everything, we are all here to explore different subjects and aspects, and our primary goal is that anybody could learn something new from our discussions. The possibilities to learn are endless if we only allow ourselves to learn, if we keep our mind open to new and different ideas.

In this spirit, we wish you Happy Keep Thinking!

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