For all the smart people who want to succeed


For all the smart people who want to succeed!

You have recognized yourself in this title? It does not surprise me, but what makes a person succeed his life while another to miss? Is it possible to succeed in life and not be aware of it? Is it possible to miss his life and believe that it has been successful?


For a long time it was believed that IQ guarantee success in life. Dr. Lewis Terman in 1921, has also conducted research that spanned several decades to prove it. He eventually discovered that his hypothesis was not valid. So there is more than the intelligence quotient; there is, among others, emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the size of our intelligence which is responsible for the way we conduct ourselves and how we manage our interactions with others. It is emotional intelligence that can transform a professional relationship into a friendship. This is also your emotional intelligence that makes you able to convey to those around you a common purpose or that allows you to quickly lift the spirit of a person who needs it greatly.

Daniel Goleman, a world specialist in Emotional Intelligence, argues that success in life is based on 10 or 15% on the IQ and the rest is due to luck and emotional intelligence. He also explained that the higher up in an organization and more important the emotional intelligence becomes.

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Our next 10 articles will focus on each of the facets of emotional intelligence. This reflection on emotional intelligence will push you to expand the vision you have. Since the development of emotional intelligence also grows the leadership of a person, the coming articles could have a significant impact on your relationships with others and your ability to make things happen in society or within an organizational framework.

We invite you to keep checking, from time to time, these articles. They will form the equivalent of a small collection on what is most beautiful in you. You will be able to evaluate yourself on the following 10 dimensions:

01. The connection to your gut
02. Self-control
03. Empathy
04. An accurate perception
05. Flexibility in communication
06. The sense of responsibilities
07. The active search for solutions
08. Belonging to a vision
09. Courage
10. The determination

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